Grocery Price Lists

Apples, and Yogurt, and Eggs, oh my!

These are just a few of the things that I find myself returning to the store again and again to purchase, because we seem to go through them like crazy.  And because I no longer have a second refrigerator, I am really having to watch my grocery dollars.  No longer can I take advantage of the awesome bulk sales of refrigerated items.  So I am having to find a new strategy for shopping smart.


Now I don’t mind clipping coupons, but I am NOT going to buy four bags of cat food in order to get one free (especially since I don’t have a cat).  (What IS it with the folks on those Extreme Couponing shows?)

I digress…


In addition to clipping the rare coupon that I can find for an item that I will actually use, I have decided to start keeping a Grocery Price List.  Now this requires a lot of work in the beginning, but I am hopeful that it will save me money in the long run and make my grocery dollars stretch.  (Living in the D. C. area with a husband and 6 ravenous kids, 3 of whom are teenagers, and 4 of whom are in private school, is NOT cheap.)

Plus, we really try to eat as healthy as possible.  I’m not into having to have organic everything or grass-fed this, and free-range that.  But we do try to keep things as close to “whole” foods as possible, while keeping it fun and simple.  Still, meal planning can be quite the task when you have to please body-conscious teenage girls, protein-craving boys, little kids who don’t like “green things”, and a husband who would gladly eat frozen pizza every night.

I am kind of making up my price list as I go along, using categories such as date, store, brand, unit price, size, etc.  And I am entering it into a Numbers spreadsheet to keep it nice and neat.  I’ll let you know how it fares and if, after a few months, it seems to be worth the effort.

I would love to know any tips and/or tricks that you use to keep your grocery bills reasonable.  Feel free to share in the comments!

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