7 Habits

Why haven’t I read this book before?  I just started reading (actually, listening to) the famous book The 7Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey.  This iconic book has been touted as a must-read for anyone caring to improve his interaction with himself, his family, and his environment.  I think that pretty much means all of us.

So, what is it about this book that has made it a continuous best-seller and an oft-used reference in self-help seminars, business training courses, and relationship  guides?

Basically, it breaks down 7 Principles (not tasks or exercises, etc.) that are vital for those who wish to live an authentic, influential, and meaningful lives.  So many other self-help type books on the market ask the reader to perform specific tasks or exercises.  But The 7 Habits asks the reader to dig deeper and work from the “inside out.”

Essentially, other books put a band-aid on problems…this works temporarily, but does not “heal the wound.”  The “wound” may be personal relationships, functionality in the workplace, or any other “way” of interacting with those around us.  To heal this wound, the reader must look within and experience a “paradigm shift.”  This requires a great deal of humility, and I believe it is a lifelong process.  We are, in fact, flawed beings, but that does not mean that we should accept our flaws and just be content to live without attempting to change them.

I think this is going to be a challenge for me.  I find myself saying “So-and-so should read this book!”  But that is contrary to the message of the book.  I need to internalize the message and start living by the principles…and then I may see some of the changes I hope to see.

If you have read this book, I would love to hear your opinion and/or any experiences you have had after applying the principles/habits.  Please leave a comment below 🙂




2 thoughts on “7 Habits

  1. Sadie, I started reading this book about 5 years ago and have not finished it 😦 I really liked what I did read. I agree, it forces you to go deeper. I think I wasn’t ready for the challenge at that time. Thanks for reminding me about this book. Maybe I’m ready NOW!

    • I know what you mean, Tracey. I have read bits and pieces of it in the past, but putting it all together is really an eye-opener. While I am seeing a LOT of areas of my life that need improvement, I realize that I must not be the only one out there who needs to be more effective…otherwise his book wouldn’t be such an amazing best-seller, right? Hope you are well!

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