Bringing It All Together

I am a serial “starter.”  I know I am not alone.  How many times do we start new projects, hobbies, crafts, “passions,” even relationships, only to get bored in the first few weeks and give up altogether?  There are precious few people who do not fall into this temptation on a regular basis…at least I convince myself of that in order to make myself feel better 🙂

So what is the point of this new blog that I am starting?  I have started several blogs over the years, and have not felt particularly passionate about any of them, and yet I maintain that each one has its own value and is an expression of something that was/is important to me.  And so, I hope to bring them all together here on this blog.

I think the title “Happy Mom, Healthy Mom” is a good catch-all.  I will always be a mom…even if the most nightmarish possibility on earth happened, and all of my children were taken from me, I would always hold the title of “Mom.”  “Happy” is something that I believe we can all become.  Perhaps we cannot attain perfect happiness until we reach heaven, but we do have the choice to live joyfully, regardless of our circumstances.  And “Healthy,” well…I do not claim to be a bastion of health, but I am always working toward that end.  I believe in balancing all aspects of life in order to attain health and happiness as best as one can.

So, I hope you will join me and share your thoughts, tips, tricks, and experiences with me as I develop the newest of my blogs.

In closing I will share with you the dinnertime prayer that I grew up saying with my family.  It is simple, but it was the inspiration for the title of this blog:


Thank you, God,

for this food;

for Mom, Dad, Sadie, Stina, and Ginger (our Golden Retriever) and all the people we love.

Help us to be happy and healthy.



Until next time!